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Nirmata Workflow

Nirmata Workflow is a Java Apache ZooKeeper and Apache Curator based library that enables distributed task workflows. You can build a cluster of servers as large as needed to execute tasks. You can limit servers to certain tasks types and/or allow servers to execute any task.

A workflow is a DAG of tasks whereby a group of tasks executes concurrently and when complete a set of children tasks execute and so on.

In the DAG described in the diagram above, Tasks 1, 2 and 3 execute concurrently. When they complete, Tasks 4 and 5 execute. Then, Tasks 6, 7 and 8 execute. When Task 6 completes, Task 9 executes. When Tasks 6 and 8 complete, Task 10 executes.


  • Can model simple to complex task relationships
  • Manages task relationships and distributed scheduling
  • Idempotent and non-idempotent tasks supported
  • Custom task-types can be defined and targeted to specific servers
  • Simple API
  • Supports runtime cluster changes
  • No single point of failure