Nirmata is a turnkey Kubernetes-based application management platform that accelerates enterprise adoption of cloud-native and open source technologies. This page lists some of the open source projects from Nirmata. You can learn more about Nirmata at

Nirmata Workflow distributed workflows with Curator/ZK

Nirmata Workflow is a Java library built on Curator and Zookeeper to allow programmatic definition and management of distributed worflows.

Kiverno Kubernetes native policy management

Kiverno is a Kubernetes native policy engine that provides a Kubernetes controller and custom resource definitions to easily manage vailidation and mutation policies for Kubernetes.

kube-static-ip manage Kubernetes egress IP addresses

kube-static-egress-ip is a Kubernetes controller that allows operates to define a statis egress IP address for Kubernetes workloads.

kube-vault-client manage Vault secrets for K8s pods

kube-vault-client is a minimal HashiCorp Vault client to manage secrets stored in Vault for Kubernetes pods.