Nirmata is the Kubernetes Management Plane for Enterprises! This page lists some of the open source projects from Nirmata. You can learn more about Nirmata at

Kyverno Kubernetes native policy management

Kyverno is a Kubernetes native policy engine that provides a Kubernetes controller and custom resource definitions to easily manage vailidation and mutation policies for Kubernetes.

kube-netc eBPF network monitor

kube-netc is an eBPF based network monitor that collects connection information and network statistics for each pod, and exports metrics to Prometheus.

Nirmata Workflow distributed workflows with Curator/ZK

Nirmata Workflow is a Java library built on Curator and Zookeeper to allow programmatic definition and management of distributed worflows.

kube-static-ip manage Kubernetes egress IP addresses

kube-static-egress-ip is a Kubernetes controller that allows operates to define a statis egress IP address for Kubernetes workloads.

kube-vault-client manage Vault secrets for K8s pods

kube-vault-client is a minimal HashiCorp Vault client to manage secrets stored in Vault for Kubernetes pods.